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At J&A Sports Management, we will limit our number of clients in order to promote personal and individual attention between each client and our management team. 

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Lead Person who Assist the athlete in all of the athlete’s endeavors

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Correll Buckhalter

Correll Buckhalter was selected in the fourth round (121st overall pick) of the 2011 NFL Draft by Philadelphia Eagles. Buckhalter finished eighth on Nebraska’s All-Time Rushing List (2,522 yards).

Kalvin Pearson

2009  Detroit Lions 3 Year $3.5 Million Contract with $1 Million Signing Bonus
2008  Detroit Lions
2007  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2006  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2005  Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Don Jones

Don Jones received a signing bonus of $250,000 with a half a million dollar salary guaranteed in 2017 on a contract with the San Francisco 49ers. 

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