Services Offered

Combine Preparation/Pre-Draft Counseling:

J&A Sports Management has the experience to help a player maximize his draft position. We will advise our players on the drills they should master. This will assist them in preparing for the combine and individual workouts. We will provide training professionals to assist our clients with their physical preparation for the NFL combine and workouts.

During the Pre-Draft process, we will converse with general managers and personnel directors to market our client’s abilities and make general evaluations on a player’s current status in the draft process. Our primary goal is to put our client’s best foot forward in the eyes of every NFL team.

Contract Reviews and Negotations;

When it comes to contract negotations, J&A Sports Management sets itself apart from the competition. Our work ethic, enthusiasm, and integrity match our teams’ vast experience and education with over 7 academic degrees and accreditations. This combination ensures that each and every contract the company negotiates will be the best that can be negotiated.

J&A Sports Management will additionally, continue to review our client’s contracts to stay on top of the ever-changing marketplace in the NFL. Our staff continually reviews each team’s current and future salary cap situation to negotiate the best contracts for our clients.

Player Marketing, Endorsements & Promotions:

J&A Sports Management works to generate supplemental player compensation through our many contracts in the business community. By understanding our player’s value with his team and his popularity in the community, J&A Sports Management searches for financial opportunities on both a local and national level.

Local promotions, autograph signings, speaking engagements, and television and radio appearances with companies such as, ABC Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Fox Sports Network, Comcast SportsNet, ESPN, and Clear Channel Radio are just a few examples of the ways J&A Sports Management promotes our clients. Using a board contact network, J&A Sports Management is able to obtain national endorsement contracts with companies such as Nike, Reebok, Under Armour, Wilson, McDonalds, Cambell Soup Company, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, and other Fortune 500 Companies.

By understanding the individual interests of our clients, J&A Sports Management is able to help them become involved in charitable organizations locally and throughout the country. J&A Sports Management aids our clients in the organization of youth football camps, fundraising events, and personal foundations. If it is important to one of our players it is important to us.

Financial Reviews and Planning:

In case our clients do not possess financial guidance, J&A Sports Management offers our clients the opportunity to meet with an independent team of financial professionals. These professionals will evaluate our clients’ individual financial needs. If necessary, they will assist in preparing a budget and setting realistic savings goals. With a proven track record and substantive experience in the financial services industry, these professionals meet all the necessary requirements to offer our clients solid financial advice. Continuous monitoring of our clients progress ensures that monthly and annual financial needs are met and that long term goals are established and fulfilled.

Tax Planning and Preparation:

J&A Sports Management has certified tax professionals with over 10 years experience with professionals, business owners, athletes and entertainers. Our tax professionals will evaluate our clients past, present and future tax situations to educate them on the most effective ways to gain maximum advantage when preparing annual federal and state tax returns.

Insurance Planning:

J&A Sports Management refers our clients to a network of insurance professionals that are capable of providing a comprehensive range of insurance services. As the lives of our clients and their families change so do their needs. Everything from car insurance to personal injury insurance can be obtained at the most competitive rates and in the most professional manner possible through a variety of insurance providers. This guarantees that the personal needs of our clients are met.

Personal Banking:

J&A Sports Management has established a relationship with several notable banking institutions. Bank of America, Regions Bank, Eva Bank and Wells Fargo in order to provide day-to-day banking needs to our clients when necessary. Bank of America is one of the largest and most well established banking institutions in the world. We believe our clients should all have a personal banker to assist with automobile loans, home mortgage loans, business loans, personal loans, personal lines of credit, and everyday checking and savings account needs.

Day-to-Day Needs:

J&A Sports Management is a full service firm available, day or night, to provide advice and direction to each of our clients on or off the field.